Cedar Roofing Maintenace For Sun Damage

Cedar Roofing Maintenance for Sun Damage

Cedar Roofing Maintenance for Sun Damage – The Facts

Cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage is key to the look of your home. A cedar roof can be incredibly beautiful, but it takes some maintenance to keep it in pristine and perfect shape. The proper treatment for your cedar roof can keep its elegant look intact and can even help you keep your roof for as many as 50 years – much longer than asphalt shingles.If your cedar roof has begun to turn a grey or ashy-white color, you’re seeing damage as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays which come from sun exposure – just like sunburn! UV damage impacts your roof on a cellular level, but it might be prevented and managed with the right treatment and cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage.
Cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage is important no matter where you live
Cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage is important no matter where you live

What Damage Does UV Cause?

Light exposure can result in damage of your cedar roof when UV hits the wood repeatedly over time. The UV rays are absorbed by the lignin in your roof– which is essentially the glue that holds the plant and wood cells together. This damages the wood . Eventually, the lignin absorbs excessive UV and is destroyed.Once the lignin is damaged, it will begin to seep out of your cedar roof. This weakens your roof on a cellular level, causing it to age and if left long enough crack and split. Your roof’s fibers are stripped and exposed, giving it a grey appearance as well.The most effective way to stop this damage is to keep your roof dry and properly oiled and taking preventative measures for cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage.Related reading here >> Moss Growth on Your Cedar Roof? Here’s How To Handle It…

The Proper Treatment of a Cedar Roof

There are a wide variety of commercial solutions that can help you protect your roof. Chemical preservatives and coatings applied directly to the wood will create a long-lasting protection. It’s best to rely on the professionals for these coatings due to the pre-cleaning of the roof– if this cleaning isn’t done properly, it can cause damage. We recommend contacting us to discuss cedar roofing maintenance as cedar is a delicate material that requires special training to work with.There are other reasons you should keep your cedar roof professionally treated:
  • It will maintain the appearance
  • It can extend the life of your roof
  • Cedar planks are increasing in cost and could be expensive to replace if not properly maintained
  • They maintain the natural resistance to wind and insulation which helps your energy costs
You don’t want to treat your cedar roof right after installation though! Cedar roofing maintenance for sun damage shouldn’t be required immediately as the wood will have natural oils and protection.  You should wait a minimum of a year and preferably as much as 18 months before you start a treatment regimen. This gives the cedar time to weather, so it can properly absorb the treatment as it is applied.An early application may also result in discoloration after a few years, which is harder to fix and remedy and can end up costing you more – and it will not provide as strong of protection. Since you understand the dangers of UV and ways to protect your roof, you should make sure your roof is protected and cared for by a professional contractor.Is Your Roof Already Cracked and Damaged? Click Here >> Cedar Roofing Repair
There are a few things you can do to prevent sun damage
There are a few things you can do to prevent sun damage

Cedar Roofing Maintenance for Sun Damage with A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc.

Since 2003 A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. has been offering its top notch cedar roofing services to the Chicagoland area. Specializing in cedar roofing installation, cedar roofing repair, and cedar roofing maintenance, we have served over 5500+ customers thus far! We put our customers first, emphasizing customer satisfaction from our first consultation through job completion. If you have thought about or need any cedar roofing services contact us today! 

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