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A.B. Edward Enterprises Inc. has been serving the  Chicagoland area including Barrington Hills IL since 2003.

Barrington Hills IL is known for its equestrian farms, country club, and large estates. As a top rated cedar roofing contractor that is familiar with the Barrington Hills IL area we understand the importance of high quality roofing products and quality customer service and strive to provide only the best for our clients.

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Barrington Hills IL cedar roofing contractor
Barrington Hills IL cedar roofing contractor

We serve the entire Chicagoland area with 5 star high-quality cedar roofing services!

Advantages To Having A Cedar Roof

Installing a cedar roof has many perks for homeowners. Cedar has an incredibly long life expectancy, outliving the average asphalt roof by years with proper maintenance. A cedar roof is also more durable when exposed to heavy storms, impact damage and UV rays, meaning fewer repairs as well. Installing a cedar roof can also increase the value of your home as a new and high quality roof is among the top things an inspector will look for if you are choosing to sell your home. Wood also acts as a natural insulator, which means during the extreme weather that occurs in Barrington Hills IL cedar naturally cuts down on your heating and cooling bill as an energy efficient form of insulation on your roof.

Cedar Roof Services in Barrington Hills IL
Cedar Roof Services in Barrington Hills IL

Natural Beauty

Once you see a cedar roof it’s obvious why they continue to grow in popularity. As an all natural material, no cedar roof looks exactly like another thanks to the brilliant variations of gold, red, amber, and copper present in the wood grain. Because of this beautiful and warm coloring, many people choose to install copper gutters alongside their cedar roofs to complement and enhance these colors. Cedar is also a perfect choice for those who are looking for eco-friendly home exterior products as wood biodegrades quickly and harmful gases are not produced or used in the cedar preparation process as they are with asphalt.

We’ll Help You With The Maintenance

If you already have a cedar roof, then you will know that maintenance is crucial to the look and life span of your investment. Loose shingles, heavy impact damage from branches and storms, and fungal growth should all be inspected as soon as possible to keep your roof in top shape. We are pleased to offer cedar roof inspections, repair, and maintenance programs to homeowners to ensure that their home stays safe and aesthetically appealing.

We are here for all of your cedar roofing needs Barrington Hills IL
We are here for all of your cedar roofing needs Barrington Hills IL

Why A.B. Edward Enterprises?

We do the job right! As a local family owned and operated business, A.B. Edward has been proudly serving the Barrington Hills IL area as well as Chicagoland since 2003. We are committed to excellent customer service and provide only the best roofing materials for our clients. We currently offer North Shore Prime Cedar and Waldun Cedar as cedar roofing options as they are known for their superior quality and durability. To date we have served over 5500+ happy customers and would love to talk to you about your cedar roofing needs. From installation to regular inspections we do it all so contact us today for a FREE estimate!


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